Raquel-MarquezMedical laboratory scientist (2007).

He worked for a year and a half pre-analytical service of the Hospital La Paz performing functions of control and distribution of samples .And at different periods in Transfusion Centre of the Armed Forces performing fractionation of blood bags of donations, conducting analytical (biochemical, immunohematology, hematology).

In 2008 he worked at the Autónoma University of Madrid on a research project on Parkinson’s Disease with Dr. Cavada in collaboration with the Dr.Obeso. Work: Histologic Processing of nerve tissue of non-human primates, stains (Nissl, thionine), histochemistry (acetylcholinesterase), immunohistochemistry against the dopamine transporter and tyrosine hydroxylase.

Currently, he joined the team of Dr. Obeso to serve as a laboratory technician at the research center HM CINAC.