Ignacio-ObesoAfter finishing a Psychology degree (clinical neuropsychology) in University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain), Dr Obeso started a PhD scholarship under the supervision of Prof. Jahanshahi in the Institute of Neurology of University College of London (UCL, London, UK). Under her guidance, he conducted a series of experiments to further understand the contribution of the subthalamic nucleus in cognitive control (more specific, in action selection, inhibition and conflict resolution) evaluating patients with Parkinson’s disease under different treatments. Also, he used transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in collaboration with Prof. Rothwell team, to test cortical regions functions in cognitive control. Later, a period at Dr. Strafella’s lab in Toronto (Canada), mentor him to use imaging techniques combined with TMS to investigate cortico-subcortical communication in healthy behavior. As a post-doc at Dr Dreher’s lab, Dr Obeso implemented the use of TMS and fMRI using decision-making paradigms (to test delay discounting, reward processing, or social decisions) in Parkinson’s disease patients and healthy participants, conducted at the Institute des Sciences Cognitives (ISC) in Lyon (France). Lately, Dr Obeso has focused on executive functions and emotional interactions in behavior to further understand brain functions and disease, with aim to characterize the importance of motivational states during simple movements and complex actions or decisions.

Relevant publications

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