My passion is to help find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. In 2004, I obtained my MD degree at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Thereafter, I obtained the first position to specialize in neurology in my region, Comunidad de Madrid to complete my instruction as a neurologist at Hospital 12 de Octubre, which I achieved in 2009. That year, I started my specific training in Parkinson’s disease at the prestigious Hertie Institut für Klinische Hirnsforschung, in Tübingen, Germany. To complement that training, I was awarded a Rio hortega fellowship in 2010, a competitive program from the Spanish Research Agency (ISCiii). During this fellowship, I contributed to the research of the epidemiology, gastrointestinal markers and the advance management of Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, I finished a Master of Science in Research Methodology at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. As a result of all these efforts, I was granted a fellowship at one of the best Hospitals in the USA, the Massachusetts General Hospital, which is affiliated to Harvard University in Boston. During this period, I continued my research in the pathophysiology of neurodegenerative disorders and initiated my contact with technology development. Recently, I was awarded another highly competitive fellowship to learn the process of innovation in biomedicine at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA (M+Vision Fellowship). In this program I started to close the loop by envisioning a new technology that, now, I will be able integrate in CINAC’s vision of finding a cure for Parkinson’s.

Relevant publications

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