Degree in Medicine and Surgery from Universidad de Valencia in 2011. He got his specialist Neurology diploma from La Paz University Hospital of Madrid in 2016. After his Neurology training, he performed an 18-month stage (May 2016-dec 2017) in the Movement Disorders Unit from La Paz University Hospital with special focused on infusion therapies in advanced Parkinson´s Disease. He complemented his clinical training with a Master’s degree in Movement Disorders from Murcia’s University, validated by the European Credit Transfer System. Currently, he is part of the PhD Neuroscience program of University Autonoma of Madrid (Prof. Cavada) and has joined Prof. Obeso´s team in HM-CINAC where he is performing a clinical and research fellowship focused in Movement Disorders and, specifically, in MRgFUS treatments for Parkinson’s Disease.

Relevant publications

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