Guglielmo-FoffaniBiomedical Engineer from Politecnico di Milano, Italy (2001), and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University, Philadelphia USA (2004), since January 2005 he works as investigator at Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos in Toledo, Spain, where he is Director of the Neural Bioengineering Group. In December 2014 he joins the CINAC of HM Hospitales. He published more than 50 scientific papers in international journals. Among other awards, in 2009 he receives the Olympus Prize from the Spanish Society for Neuroscience (SENC). He is co-founder of Neurek SL, first spin-off company of the Foundation del Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos, and he is the pianist of the group Ayahuasca Tango.

Relevant publications

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