The AC Comprehensive Neuroscience Centre, HM CINAC, formally started its activity in spring 2015, within the recently created Hospital Universitario HM Puerta del Sur. It is a translational research centre, supported and sponsored by the HM Hospitales Research Foundation (HM Foundation) thanks to the initiative and firm support of the Abarca Cidón family. In fact, 70% of the budget of HM CINAC is currently financed by the HM Hospitales Group.

The main objective of HM CINAC is to define the pathophysiological alterations of cerebral circuits related to movement disorders, behaviour and emotions, in order to functionally intervene and thereby bring them back to normal. From its inception to the present, HM CINAC has focused on two main aspects:

1.To define the onset of Parkinson’s disease, particularly the factors that condition the vulnerability of the
dopaminergic neurons of the nigra pars compacta substantia.

2.To act therapeutically stopping the progression of the neurodegenerative process, and therefore the appearance of alterations in gait and balance, language, cognitive and behavioural manifestations, etc.

The working group is made up mainly of young neurologists, clinical and experimental neuroscientists, engineers, physicists, and others, who have obtained their specialty in national centres and carried out post-doctoral training in internationally renowned centres. The essence of the activity of HM CINAC lie in interaction and transversal
collaboration, with the common objective of impacting on neurodegenerative diseases.
In this way, the main axis of HM CINAC is provided by the patients themselves, whose clinical manifestations and problems guide our main research topics.
This web summarise the main scientific achievements accomplished by our team in these few years, and the challenges and obstacles that we will face in the near future.

José A. Obeso
Director of HM CINAC